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Around 85% of the world population experience problems with 3rd molars or more popularly known as the wisdom teeth. Due to lack of space at the corner of your jaw, wisdom teeth have difficulty in erupting. They  cause problems in the jaw bone, damage to the neighbouring teeth and cause inflammation of the gums, along with swelling.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

They have to be removed if they start causing problems. Such removal falls into a surgical category where the tooth is split into two halves and each piece is removed. This is accompanied by some bone trimming and gum incisions.

Though this may seem painful, At iSmyle, such surgical procedures are completely painless, since they are completely performed under local anaesthesia. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the position of your tooth and the bone surrounding it.

Dr. Gururaj Bhosale & Dr. Prannoy Kunde are the Oral Surgeons at iSmyle Dental Centre. They are scheduled for visits every week, and they perform all their surgeries in our state-of-the-art operatory 2. Furthermore, a set of printed instructions will be provided to you, after your surgery which if followed, will give you the least discomfort and pain during recovery.  

Surgery at iSmyle Dental Centre

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