Each one of us is destined to have natural teeth to chew on & to smile with. And a majority of us lose one or more of these teeth along the journey of life. You must remember, that, replacing these teeth is not just your privilege, but your RIGHT!

We all know that people feel shy when they smile with missing teeth. Hand covering their mouth is the easiest way to analyze this, and stretching their lips but not showing teeth, during the wittiest of humor, is another sign. If you are one of these people, then its time to SMILE WITH DIGNITY!

We know at least one guest in the party that will restrict himself or herself from eating the crunchiest of chips or will stay away from chilled drinks and ice creams because of either no teeth or a highly sensitive set of front or back teeth. If you are that guest at the party, then it is time to EAT WITH DIGNITY!

We know that some people have such an awful breath, that it is best we avoid them, or if unavoidable, stand away from them or even take a little step back when they talk to us. If you are one of those who others avoid because you know you have a bad mouth odor, then it is time to TALK AND INTERACT WITH DIGNITY!

With recent advances in dentistry, getting your teeth treated for better functioning and aesthetics is not just quicker, but also more predictable, with less discomfort and longer lasting solutions. We, at iSmyle, ensure that our first meeting with you is the most detailed. Apart from complete examination of your teeth, we take teeth photographs, x rays and teeth impressions along with explaining you all treatment modalities through educational models, videos and photographs of other patients who have done similar treatments, so that you understand that such treatments are not just possible, but have been performed and delivered to the-now-happy-and-satisfied-patients.

All you need to do is to take that one small step towards a better set of teeth. Do not mask yourself up with the believe that the bad breath will go away on its own. Because it won’t. Do not restrict yourself on the quality of the food that you can eat. Because you mustn’t. Do not hide your smile, because a smiling face is a beautiful face!

Take the first step today towards eating and talking with dignity.

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