COVID19 & Us....

When we re-started our practice in May 2020, little did we know that coronavirus would sweep the entire world, especially our country, India, the way it is now. Little did we know that we would be grasping for oxygen, begging for meds, and staring at cancelled appointments for a vaccine, that currently is our only hope. And little did we know that the 3 golden rules of making the most use of the #gocoronago hashtag still holds true, which is, physical distancing, wearing a good quality mask & washing our hands and sanitizing ourselves.

These 3 golden rules apply to almost everyone out there. Every occupation, every job sector that opened up post unlock1.0 to unlock5.0 had to follow these rules.

Well, almost every profession. Except ONE. Dentists.

We are a 8 year old dental clinic operating out of Pune, India. Currently the third highest corona reporting city in India, there are 243 new cases being reported every minute, even as I type this. As a family. we are grateful to live another day not finding ourselves in the grip of corona, and we only have the medical team of doctors, nurses & paramedic to thank for their tireless shifts at the hospitals.

Coming back to the 3 golden rules, well as a dental clinic, these are violated on a daily basis.

We are the ONLY profession where our job is to tell people, our patients, to remove their masks, and allow ourselves to come DANGEROUSLY close to them and treat their ailing tooth.

The amount of saliva & water splash that we encounter everyday in our practice is beyond measure, and every single day since we started practicing dentistry post May 2020, we have been faced with a constant worry, a concern that the one we are treating is not an asymptomatic carrier and that it is safe to treat him/her.

Our clinic floors are washed between EVERY patient appointment, with appropriate chemicals. Our scrubs are washed and sterilized at the end of the day. Body temperatures are checked, pulse oximeters are in action every 30 minutes, and betadine rinses are done before anyone removes their mask. Patients are instructed with a strict 8 STAGE PROTOCOL at the clinic, and it there is a strong chance of you hearing the autoclave pressure roaring while you wait in the reception, in the marked crossed out areas, for your appointment.

YET, we are proud to say that we performed over 70 implant surgeries, fabricated over a dozen dentures, restored nearly half a thousand teeth, and gave a new smile to numerous patients. In fact, we have delivered more ceramic crowns, veneers, full mouth rehabs than we had the year before this. And even NOW, as I type this, we have 4 RUNNING CASES of full mouth rehabs at the clinic tomorrow.

HOW did we do that? Simply because we BELIEVED! We believed in our sanitisation. We believed in our hygiene protocols. We believed in our ethical practices & we showed them to the world through our social media handles. We won over our patients trust in us delivering quality care even in the midst of a pandemic. A pandemic which required the 3 golden rules to be followed, we HAD TO BREAK it, to work through it, and deliver results. And our online reviews on Google say exactly that!

But HEY! why am I writing all this down today? To tell you that we are STILL FUNCTIONAL. We are crippled with less staff & delayed lab work, but we are still working 8 hours every single day so that you can reach out to us to seek help. Whether it is your ailing tooth which you have pushing aside due to the pandemic, your jaw which you have been clenching out of stress, bad breath/ dry mouth due to the mask that you have been wearing, a COVID tongue that is blazing red or mucormycosis post COVID, or simply you wanting a new smile for your zoom meetings, we are here for you. Every day.

Reach out to us for help. contact us on

Stay safe. Put on a sensible mask. Sanitize your hands. Lets kick COVID19 out of the park. TOGETHER. FOR GOOD.

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