The infamous trio, and how we deal with it!

For the entire world, aerosols became a villainous word post the emergence of the deadly COVID19 virus strain. A microscopic living entity was solely responsible for bringing the entire humanity to its knees. It took millions of lives, affected even more than that number, paralyzed healthcare and devastated global economy.

To say the least, the virus only enjoyed jumping from one place to another. All it took was a bunch of air droplets going from one to another, with the virus strain in it.

By definition, aerosol is a ‘colloidal suspension of particles dispersed in air or gas.’ These aerosols are usually generated by a forceful ejection, such as sneezing or spitting. Which is why there is an absolute need to wear a good quality mask and maintain physical distancing, two of the three golden rules for prevention of COVID19.

There is no other place, no other activity and certainly no profession which causes generation of aerosol, except ONE. The profession of Dentistry.

Which is why Dentistry is still considered as one of the most risky professions to practice in the times of COVID19. But then, don’t we wonder why dental clinics are STILL not considered the epicenter of COVID19 spread? Why aren’t dental clinics closed in this pandemic?!

The simple reason behind this is that as dentists, we know that the occupational hazards of dentistry and aerosols have been considered as a path of disease transmission long before COVID19 came in the picture. There are so many virus strains that travel via aerosols and this is exact reason that though not completely, we were at least partially prepared for this strain.

At our clinic iSmyle Dental Centre, we simply had to up our game. We follow a strict 8-stage protocol at the clinic for each and every patient. There is hardly a need to elaborate on the same, but what is more important is that one of the protocol is rinsing every patient’s mouth with bitadine which disinfects the oral environment before starting with aerosol generating procedure. Doctors and the staff wears surgical scrubs, eye wear and high quality gloves to battle any possibility of an infection. The floors are vigorously cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant and the entire chair unit, along with the suction lines and water units are washed down with appropriate concentration of disinfectants. All table tops, instruments are surface disinfected & then the same instruments are sent for sterilization.

Aerosols have long been connected with dentistry, and COVID19 has only been an additional strain to the already present strains of microorganisms that we have to encounter in our daily practice. We can say that there is no one better connected to this infamous trio than us, and we know how to deal with it!

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