The painless Approach

Root canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is one of the most routine procedures carried out at iSmyle. Simply stated, it is a treatment which involves removing of an infected nerve of a decayed tooth, completely cleaning of the nerve canals, and refilling it with a suitable permanent material which helps the tooth function without pain or discomfort.​

 Root Canal Tooth XRay

Our clinic boasts of two of the best dental technologies that tremendously improves procedure and prognosis. These instruments, named Apex Locator and X-Smart Rotary, accurately determine the length of the tooth, and facilitate smooth operation of the tooth being treated. Based on dual frequency concept, our Apex Locator is a proven product in terms of accuracy, and recording minute details. The instrument has a smooth noise-free function which, with a few brushing strokes, results in a near-perfect finish, and disinfection of the tooth.

It is because of these technologies and the passion of Dr. Saif in performing Root Canal Treatment, that the final result is painless, smooth and quick, resulting in single-sitting treatments for most teeth.

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