At iSmyle Dental Centre, our patients are our priority. Our clinic is situated on the ground floor on the main road, along with easily accessible parking options, making it easier for our patients. Now, we have also started the Home Dentistry service for them.

In India, there are over 3 million people unable to access dental care, as they cannot physically travel to a dental clinic. This could be because of a physical handicap, or simply old age. One of our patients came to us with a request to treat her house-ridden 92 year old mother. The home visit treatment was a success, and thus began Home Dentistry.


Today, we have treated multiple patients in the comfort of their homes, and continue to receive many such treatment requests. Our Home Dentistry treatment team provides basic dental treatments under strict sterilization and disinfection protocols. We have a travel kit complete with gloves, mouth masks, local anaesthesia and instruments.

So, if you have a patient who cannot travel and requires dental treatment, please get in touch with us for our Home Dentistry treatment.

Home Dental Treatment
Home Dental Treatment
Home Dental Treatment

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