Crowns fit for Kings & Queens!

A crown is a protective cap placed over a tooth, weakened because of excessive decay or after a root canal treatment, when the tooth becomes brittle. The success and longevity of crowns depends on the material, the skill of the doctor, and the materials used to record accurate measurements (impressions) of teeth.


Full Ceramic Crowns

At iSmyle, we take utmost care in providing a perfect blend of the all the above factors. Our patients have a wide range of crown materials to choose from, and to decide which suits their teeth and budget.


Full Ceramic Crowns

For our patients, we've invested in a 3M-Globally Recognized ‘Pentalite’ machine, which is the most advanced machine to record dental impressions. Furthermore, your impressions are sent to the 3 best dental labs in Pune to ensure perfect fitting crowns.



We at iSmyle give patients options to opt for the crowns they want, as per their need and requirement. To know more about crowns and the materials that we offer, get in touch with us. We will be happy to guide you.  


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